Day-by-day SPOILERS for the week of March 18: (General Discussion)

by Kal, Thursday, March 14, 2019, 10:38PM (5 days ago) @ November

The SPOILER says that Hope and Thomas "revisit" their past.

WHAT past?

There isn't that much to "revisit".

Well, there was the time Steffy tried to get him to date rape her. And she got Bill to get a ring for Thomas to propose to her. Could take a while to go over all that.

too bad thomas didnt manage 2 rape her then; steffy ended up in a hospital fighting 4 her life while her stepsister was making out with her husband behind her back, disgusting

I think it was Liam that was chasing Hope and Steffy put her own life in danger because she didn't know how to ride a 4 wheeler..:lol

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