Day-by-day SPOILERS for the week of March 18: (General Discussion)

by Viola, Thursday, March 14, 2019, 10:21PM (71 days ago) @ November

My birthday week has Bill and Katie scenes. I'm so excited :dance3

bill is a jerks but still deserves alot better than this loser katie, what a dull, ugly couple they make but happy birthday 4 next week

I bet Katie doesn't deserve anything good because she is a Logan...:-D
She is a way better person than Bill could ever become.

wyatt, thomas, thorne, emma, sally, maya & co arent logans are just as big pieces of garbage,katies still the less obnoxious logan but nothing to brag about

Imo all the characters above are nicer than Bill. Not more interesting, but nicer for sure.

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