Taylor confides in Ridge that Hope... (Spoilers)

by hopeyougogirl, Thursday, March 14, 2019, 10:08PM (67 days ago) @ November

... and Thomas might be good together.

From SOD.

I knew it. :roll

Lol, Taylor is so transparent with an agenda. And a horrible mother IMO..she only cares about Steffy's happiness and that she gets Liam back. Taylor couldn't careless if Thomas is with a woman still in love with her husband..how is that any good for Thomas? :neutral Pathetic!

just more hope propping; the entire cast already propping this obnoxious charaƧter looks like its thomas & taylors turn now :puke

Disagree..Taylor can't stand Hope, so she ain't propping Hope. Taylor is selfish with her own nasty agenda.

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