Taylor confides in Ridge that Hope... (Spoilers)

by hopeyougogirl, Thursday, March 14, 2019, 9:58PM (71 days ago) @ q

... and Thomas might be good together.

From SOD.

I knew it. :roll

Lol, Taylor is so transparent with an agenda. And a horrible mother IMO..she only cares about Steffy's happiness and that she gets Liam back. Taylor couldn't careless if Thomas is with a woman still in love with her husband..how is that any good for Thomas? :neutral Pathetic!

She wants so desperately to beat a Logan.

She is truly a very bitter woman so stuck in the past. Not to mention, she's giving Steffy all kinds of bad advice. If Steffy listens to her mother's nonsense, she will ultimately ended up just like her mother..very bitter and stuck in the past.

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