Lope will probably survive the crisis (General Discussion)

by summerthyme @, Thursday, February 14, 2019, 4:50AM (186 days ago) @ Twigs

He loves both women equally for me, but that is not the question. He is married to Hope, & going through the same tragedy as her. He is loyal & showing her all the support he can. If she loves him, then give him the same support in return.

I’m sure that’s what she will think she’s doing.

After all, is it any different than him telling her she will have another baby? This will get easier? She’s convinced she isn’t meant to have children. She doesn’t want to go through a loss again and she doesn’t want to move on from Beth.

She loves those girls and she loves Liam. She can’t get past the loss of her child.

So if she wants him to go have the family life she thinks he deserves, and he doesn’t want to because he loves her....how is it different if she tells him he will get over her and it will get easier? It’s what he’s telling her too.

They are both trying to do what they think is the supportive thing for each other. Good for him for fighting for his marriage. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but he should realize that Hope is not in a good place and needs him. Yes he has also suffered a loss, but he still has a child, and she doesn’t think she does.

Well said. It's so tragic ... :cry

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