I don’t care if Leffy reunites (General Discussion)

by muppetfish @, Thursday, February 14, 2019, 2:24AM (186 days ago) @ Steamfan339

'LEFFY' reuniting or not is only up to Hope, at this point. If she wants out, Liam can not force her to stay with him, but that would be very CRUEL to him, who has done nothing wrong. He will be alone & heartbroken, & he is HUMAN. It is natural he will turn to Steffy. Not only because he still loves her, but for the babies. If Hope wants out, he is not going to stay alone for long. If Hope wants to stay married to him, she has nothing to worry about. He has shown no hesitation regarding his marriage, & Steffy is not pursuing him even if it is clear she has not moved on. She is not going behind her back & beg Liam to leave her. As I said, all in Hope's hands. Liam loves her but he is not going to settle for a woman who thinks about divorce all the time.

I don't think Steffy is interested in getting him back THIS WAY, anyway. She still loves him but I don't think marrying him is on her radar at the moment.

Yesterday she has already told Liam that Hope needs to be his priority and he needs to be a strong husband for her.

I wouldn't be surprised if Hope wants to divorce Liam and Steffy is the one who convinces her to reconcider it.

I don't see Steffy taking him back with open arms. Not because she is still mad at him or thinks she deserves better, but be because she knows Hope isn't on her right mind and needs support from everyone. Unless the 3 characters have a long discussion and they all decide it's for the best, she will at least think about it. If Hope just sends him and he says "Hope wants a divorce so I'm coming back to you", I doubt she will be stupid enough to accept it.

Steffy has already gone through the same thing when she lost her baby. She apologized to Liam and acknowledged leaving him was a mistake, when she came back and he was with Ivy. She said she should have stayed with him and saved her marriage. Hope is in the exact same position now, so Steffy knows exactly how she feels, and will understand if Hope makes the same rushed decision.

Until she is certain this is completely over between them, she will keep supporting their marriage. IMO

Agreed. She's showing the real kind of support too, not faking it to serve her own agenda.

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