I ll believe Hope s intentions is real if .... (General Discussion)

by EmaU, Thursday, February 14, 2019, 2:12AM (186 days ago) @ Viola
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Hope isn't really going to give Liam up it is more for attention than anything. Everyone would feel sorry for her and she would again become the center of attention

If what you say will be proven by what we'll see on the screen I'll agree, but now I just can't. She saw Liam with Steffy and the girls and that's when her face changed so I think her reasons are quite obvious.

Totally agree. I saw the look, and knew it was coming

And I really don't understand what attention is Hope supposed to seek? She has almost all of Liam's attention anyway!

Hope will LOVE to play the selfless martyr ... the good self-sacrying good girl putting Liam and the children first
I wonder if she’ll have a press conference to make the whole world know about her goodness for all to praise saint Hope.

Too bad she was not that selfless and considered Kelly when Steam we’re having troubles and she constantly reminded Liam how unforgivable Steffy was ....

I don’t believe Hope wants Liam happy with someone else ....

I’ll believe Hope REALLY means it, IF she serves Liam with annulment papers .... not just WORDS ....
Like Steffy DID ....

And of course Liam will not to want to let poooor Hope .... at least for a little while .....

So Beth birth won’t be known for months .... bc unless Steam reunite for a while, there is no SL

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