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--Sharon arrives at the GCPD, where Rey informs her that they need to talk about that night at Victoria's house
--Sharon learns that Nikki confessed to killing JT
--Rey leaves to make certain that Nikki is isolated
--when Rey returns, Sharon looks STRICKEN when he informs her that Nikki claimed she killed JT the night of the girls' party at Victoria's
--Rey warns Sharon that she has to tell him EVERYTHING she knows NOW, BEFORE it's too late, for him to help her
--Sharon INSISTS that she's already told him everything she knows
--Rey watches as Sharon leaves the police station...
--over at Victoria's house, she and Billy discuss Nikki's arrest
--Billy notices that the police haven't issued a press release yet
--Billy's advice: go get some rest
--Billy will stick around, in case she needs something
--Victoria leans on Billy and laments that she's worried about her kids and her parents - she can't fix this
--Victoria explains that her mother confessed OUT OF NOWHERE when Christine and Rey came to the ranch to escort Victor to the courthouse
--Victoria goes on to reveal that Rey got ANOTHER chance to interrogate Nikki when they brought her in for questioning
--Victoria stops a this point - and explains that she can't divulge anymore until she talks to her mother
--it's Billy's considered opinion that JT is the ONLY ONE to blame here - and assures Victoria that the truth will come out
--across town at the Club, Mariah presents Lola with a batch of heart-shaped cookies from she and Tessa
--Mariah excitedly reveals that she doesn't know what KYLE has planned for her on Valentine's Day
--Lola quietly informs Mariah that she and Kyle broke up
--Mariah is embarrassed for Kyle - but sincerely hopes that Lola and Kyle will be able to work things out
--Lola complains about Kyle's GRAND GESTURES - but Mariah doesn't get it
--Lola explains that she and Kyle have DIFFERENT PRIORITIES
--Mariah understands that Lola is VERY BUSY right now - but it's her opinion that Kyle HAS to make these GRAND GESTURES just to get her attention
--Mariah goes on to inquire: when will Kyle have to stop FIGHTING for her attention?
--talk turns to Lola's virginity
--Mariah points out that Kyle isn't A FREAK for wanting to have sex with his girlfriend - but, at the same time, he respected her boundaries
--Lola snaps that maybe Kyle should have GOALS
--Mariah's question: what good is success with no one to share it with?
--Mariah urges Lola to "step up"
--at the Abbott mansion, Jack informs Kyle that the cabin is ready for he and Lola
--Kyle tells his dad that it's over
--Kyle then learns that Jack bought Kerry a diamond tennis bracelet - and laments that Kerry won't refuse it
--Jack invites his son to go out with he and Kerry - but Kyle opts for video games and a six-pack
--later, Summer visits Jack - and fishes to find out where Kyle is
--Summer thinks about texting him - but Jack suggests she back off
--outside, Summer pulls out Lola's homemade invitation to the Abbott cabin
--Summer leaves, and Lola shows up
--Jack tells Lola that Kyle is at the family cabin - ALONE
--at home, Phyllis tells Nick that they need to find out if his mother has implicated anyone
--Nick doesn't have any answers for Phyllis
--Phyllis needs to talk to Victoria and Sharon - and continues ranting and raving
--Nick's advice: do what you have to do
--Rey arrives at his apartment to find Mia in red lingerie for Valentine's Day
--Rey has WINE and MAGAZINES for his wife - and Mia is touched that Rey loves her so much and makes her smile
--Mia mentions a dinner reservation - and they kiss
--Mia takes a look at LIFE & STYLE magazine - and gapes at Abby and Arturo, who are the cover story
--Mia goes on and on about it - and Rey asks if she's "jealous"
--Mia INSISTS that the story is all about ABBY NEWMAN - but Rey points out that being with Ms. Newman was ARTURO's choice
--Mia decides that Rey is right - and they start making love
--suddenly, Mia cries out, "Arturo!" - and Rey angrily growls, "You WANT him, you GOT him!" as he slams out of the room
--out at Sharon's place, Phyllis is ranting about Nikki confessing to Sharon and Victoria
--Mariah arrives
--Victoria complains that Rey interrogated her mother AGAIN - and DOESN'T believe that she acted alone
--Sharon confirms that he questioned her, too
--Phyllis frets that they're all a step closer to this blowing up in their faces
--Sharon feels that if Nikki claimed it was self-defense, they might just let her go
--Phyllis barks at Sharon: "Has anyone told you the truth about Santa Claus yet?"
--Phyllis then warns that Nikki had better stick to her story - she's NOT going down for this!
--after Phyllis exits, Victoria and Sharon agree that they HAVE to get their stories straight
--Sharon tries to reassure Victoria about her mother, but Victoria worries that Nikki could spend the rest of her life in jail - because of HER
--Kyle arrives at the Abbott cabin - and drinks the champagne meant for he and Lola straight from the bottle
--after a while, there's a knock at the door - it's Summer
--Phyllis re-joins Nick at home
--Phyllis informs Nick: there's no update on Nikki
--Phyllis complains about Nikki "going rogue" - she could throw her (Phyllis) under the bus!
--Nick can only focus on HIS MOTHER - but Phyllis points out that she, Victoria and Sharon could go to prison, too!
--Nick holds Phyllis
--Phyllis concedes that Nikki needs Nick's "energy"
--Nick reminds Phyllis that SHE'S his family, too

Next, on "The Young and The Restless": Sharon receives STUNNING news

Thanks rose..my bet kyles at cabin summer slinks over sexy nightie they are in bed lola wallks in...but Lola kinda deserves it she hasn’t been too nice to kyle, but I hate summer.

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