Seems like we have a new triangle now.... (General Discussion)

by hopeyougogirl, Monday, February 11, 2019, 7:59PM (189 days ago) @ JFK

But when the truth is out. Doesn't Hope have more right over Beth?

Of course, she does..she’s the birth mother, plus her Beth was stolen from her.

Wonder how Steffy will handle it when she is faced with the truth of having to give Beth back to Hope?

Of course everyone knows it will be painful for Steffy. I'm sure Hope will be sympathetic.

I'm not sure she would. She has never been kind to Steffy.

Never been kind to Steffy? She just THANKED Steffy today for allowing her to come see "Phoebe" and hold her. Not to mention, on the day of her Beth's "memorial service", the very first thing Hope said to Steffy was how's Kelly doing? Despite the fact she just "lost" her own baby, she was still thinking and caring about Steffy's little girl's well being!!!!

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