Seems like we have a new triangle now.... (General Discussion)

by hopeyougogirl, Monday, February 11, 2019, 6:55PM (189 days ago) @ Brenda3

Lol. Not Steffy. Taylor made sure Hope knew Steffy and Liam were going try immediately for another after she lost Aspen. Talk about using a pregnancy to keep a man.

Steffy seems to really won't children. She and Liam were married so if there is a problem with or without children it was up to them to decide. Nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand you have Hope freaking out that they may want to start right away to have another child which would mess her homewrecking skills up. Talk about timing on breaking up a marriage, she couldn't wait for the parents to stop mourning for their child or even for Steffy to get out of the hospital. There are really bad name for a person that does what Hope did.

Funny, Steffy did NOT wait for Lope to stop mourning for their child either..before she adopts, yet it was said that Steffy shouldn't stop living her life doing what she wanted just because Lope had this "tragedy". Such a double standard.

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