This is difficult (General Discussion)

by angry gal ⌂, Land Down Under, Monday, February 11, 2019, 6:04PM (189 days ago) @ Viola

I hope this SL will be over in two weeks. I hate him even more than I've hated Morgan years ago... Morgan was unstable and traumatized and Reese is a selfish gambler.

This sl is beyond cruel if Bell thinks this is entertaining then he really is a sick man. I'm afraid that if this doesn't end soon I and many other viewers will just give up and stop watching . Bell constantly giving Hope grief is now over bearing and it's time to end this horrid sl and get back to basics and the original format that this show was all about Fashion we need to have more fashion rivalry and less of these constant triangles. What we really need are new writers who can come up with original plots and not just wash rinse and repeat. We have seen this sl played out many times over the years and need to have something new to keep us entertained.

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