If Brad Bell was asked... (General Discussion)

by muppetfish @, Monday, February 11, 2019, 6:11AM (10 days ago) @ Viola

I think that if someone hates Hope nothing will change their mind. She is Brooke's daughter and people hated her since the moment she was a teen.

I think so too. Hope can save Kelly from a burning building and she will still be hated by some.

It would be said that she did it to look good in Liam's eyes. :-D

I don’t remember Hope as a teen I didn’t watch...if some hated her then what for? I can’t stand the character cause she’s hypocritical and boreing ...and she preaches gawd the message stuff zzzzz. But why was she hated as a teen..? Was she annoying even young girl? Viola scoop please

She became annoying imo when KM started to portray her, when she first came on as an intern in FC. Very entitled and condescending and it only went downhill from there - with her absolute lowpoint when Steffy lost her baby and the dating 2 brothers at the same time imo.

lol so she wasn't annoying only as a toddler, right? :-D

Pretty much.

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