Fri epi ended w/ Steffie giving Liam a look of confusion! (General Discussion)

by Longtimer, Monday, February 11, 2019, 5:54AM (195 days ago)
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Kinda funny since Liam is notorious for his confused look; but, if Steffie thinks Hope has an unhealthy obscession for her baby, and confronts Liam with that notion, I’d love to see Liam choosing Hope’s side in the issue instead of being wishy washy. I’d love to see him tell her that Hope’s behavior is perfectly normal and acceptable. Afterall, everyone grieves in their own way. Who’s to say what’s normal and what’s not? Hope finally took the first step and got out of the house and she should be encouraged, not restrained.
Furthermore, I’d love to see Liam reacting the same way Hope does, the next time he holds the baby! Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see Beth gazing up and smiling at Liam the way she does for Hope? I want to hear her her coo for him!
So far, from what I’ve seen, Phoebe hasn’t had any special reaction to Steffie; but she really comes alive for Hope! Maybe Steffie will begin to get jealous and resentful of both Hope and Liam’s attachment. Then this could be a reason for her to take Phoebe away for a little while- to try to bond with her without “competition”. (She could leave Kelly behind with Taylor.). It could be that, in her absence, the truth comes out.... but no one knows where they are! (sorta like when Bill assumed Liam was off at some yoga camp when he was actually with Quinn.).
Everyone would be frantically trying to find Steffie and Beth, and if so, the search could drag on till JMW returns from her hiatus.
Well, nobody knows how this is all gonna play out but I think my brain is on overdrive thinking about it!
No matter how it goes, I’d really like to see Liam defend Hope to Steffie..... and I’d love to see that beautiful little baby react to Liam the way she did to Hope! It was perfect!

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