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...how the character of Hope Logan was written, what do you think he would say? Would he say she's written as a selfish, heartless character? Or as the good girl of the show? Because if this character is supposed to be heartless, then why all of the dialogue of how she's a good person? How she radiates goodness? Liam always telling her that her goodness is what attracts him to her?

And specifically, in the scene where Liam goes to see Hope after Steffy's baby died, do you think Bell and his writers were trying to tell the viewers that Hope is a terrible person that was taking advantage of the baby's death? Was that the narrative of the story line? Or was it a plot point for Hope to tell Liam that she wanted to restart their life together and needed to tell him that before he got Steffy pregnant again, as Taylor told Hope was going to happen?

I'm not asking what your personal opinion of Hope is. I'm wondering what you think the WRITERS are trying to put forth as the character of Hope.

I have never considered Hope a bad person or a "selfish, heartless character" as you say. Is she a good, honest, decent woman with values and principles, I wouldn't go that far. But as someone else pointed out, most of the other women have more baggage than her.

My biggest problem with Hope is her hypocrisy, but more important the way she sees herself. She is walking with a halo over her head. She has never said she is flawless, but more than once she called herself a decent and honest person (one of the message of her line Hope For The Future, by the way) She thinks she is better than anyone else, she is put on a perdestal by everyone else and gets to criticize and judge everyone. I DON'T CARE if she is better than anyone else or not, it's not the point! But the fact than everyone (including Liam) worships her is what bothers me.
Worse, she thinks she is a catch and thinks it's normal several guys would fight over her. To me, that was obvious when she was caught between Liam and Wyatt. Wyatt, as much as I used to despise him (and still do), was loyal to her and ONLY loved her. Some would say he was even obsessed and would have done anything for her. As for Liam, he had hurt her too, but he made sincere apologies and she said she forgave him and had put everything behind her. She accepted his ring and said she was ready for a fresh start. If it was true, then why punish him and do the same thing to him in return? Revenge is low. The fact that he had hurt her with Steffy didn't give her the right to treat him and Wyatt even worse than Liam treated her. Not an excuse, sorry. She enjoyed being in the middle, she pitted them against each other and that made her happy. She did nothing to stop them. She waffled between them as long as they let her. (and I won't talk about the waffling or how she ended her marriage the day after she lost the baby) She has never wondered why 2 rich and handsome men would chase her and be so desperate to be with her. In her head, it was normal, because she is incredible . But she didn't care about how they felt nor how much she hurt them. In the end, I think she hurt Liam and Wyatt in a similar level as Liam hurt her and Steffy, the difference is she thought it was normal and enjoyed the attention. A good example, it was ok for her to have a fierce make out session with her option B a day before her wedding with Liam. She kept that from her future husband. But when she caught Liam discussing with Steffy in the cabin (they were just TALKING, for pete's sake), it was unforgivable and she had to put him though 3 months of apologizing and begging, until she decided he was good enough for her again. Another example is when she got the video tribute for Steffy. The only one who was cheating on the other was Hope, Liam was faithful but he got crucified for a video? She crucified him again because he was 2 minutes late meeting her in Paris. That shows how highly she thinks of herself. She always held Liam to impossible standards. Even before Wyatt came on the show, she always decided when Liam was good enough or not. Clearly for me, she sees herself as a very good person and a desirable woman, who couldn't care less that Liam and Wyatt were going through hell. Not a good look, IMO. Doesn't make her a bad person, but it makes her unrootworthy in my eyes.
For the record, I think this part is partly true for Liam as well, but in a much much less important way. Generally, he sees himself as a good person and has shown hypocrisy, but he isn't as hypocritical and goody-goody as she is. He has also called himself a fraud, a hypocrite and a flawed person, and said Steffy and Hope deserve better than him. He doesn't think he deserves better than Hope, he isn't a playboy like Ridge and Thomas for instance. And more important, I've never seen him pitting them against each other and enjoying being caught between them. At least according to the dialogues.

My other problem with Hope is she is just an annoying character. She isn't dreamy, she isn't complex or intriguing. It's always the same. Predictable, repetitive and dull. When I watch a scene with her, I don't fall asleep but I'm not firing up like I am for other characters. The storylines in which she is front and center have never impassionned me. I think she is a better person than characters like Bill, Ridge, Taylor or Sally for example, but those are more entertaining and rootworthy characters. If I had to meet someone between Hope or Bill, I would choose Hope (Bill would scare me, to be honest) but on B&B, I'd rather have Bill or even Sally as the star of a storyline. That has nothing to do with the actresses. I liked KM and I like AN very much, but the character bores me. I like her better than Quinn, Wyatt and Eric, but that's it.
Unless they completely rewrite Hope, I will always see her as simple and boring.

I won't even talk about Lope. The couple annoys me even more than Hope herself. I actually liked her a lot better than Oliver and Thomas, even Wyatt would be a better match for her. I still think Wyatt and Hope should be revisited. And Liam would have been much better with Sally (or even Ivy, another character I despised... I liked Hope better than Ivy but Livy had much more chemistry)

I am not comparing Hope and Steffy's personalities. This is a moot topic, and I'm done with the fan wars, (who is better, who is more gorgeous or who Liam loves the most, etc...). The 2 fan bases will never find an agreement or change their minds, and the debates don't lead anywhere. I don't care who has more principles and who is the bigger hypocrite. I like Steffy because of the chemistry between SC and JMW and the history between Steam, most of all. And because I think Steffy is everything but boring. She is a flawed but complex, strong, determined intriguing character. Good or bad, I can always root for her, no matter what's happening to her. I don't care about what she has done (or not done) 10 years ago, how many mistakes she has made or how many men she has bedded. I like the person she is now, and I think Bell sees her that way as well. A heroine, and his lead woman. Is she better than Hope or not, I don't care. She doesn't pretend she has principles and doesn't treat Liam like he is an object she can throw away and then snap her finger and he comes back. She has hurt him too, but she sincerely loves him. And she isn't boring at all. It's enough for me. :happy

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