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by IW, Sunday, February 10, 2019, 7:45PM (11 days ago) @ Drangonfly

...how the character of Hope Logan was written, what do you think he would say? Would he say she's written as a selfish, heartless character? Or as the good girl of the show? Because if this character is supposed to be heartless, then why all of the dialogue of how she's a good person? How she radiates goodness? Liam always telling her that her goodness is what attracts him to her?

And specifically, in the scene where Liam goes to see Hope after Steffy's baby died, do you think Bell and his writers were trying to tell the viewers that Hope is a terrible person that was taking advantage of the baby's death? Was that the narrative of the story line? Or was it a plot point for Hope to tell Liam that she wanted to restart their life together and needed to tell him that before he got Steffy pregnant again, as Taylor told Hope was going to happen?

I'm not asking what your personal opinion of Hope is. I'm wondering what you think the WRITERS are trying to put forth as the character of Hope.

Hopes a gal who got knocked up on a cabin floor by a married guy with a infant ...quickie wedding. And whines...the rest is discussed in roses thread ......I mean in the day Steffys baby died ..she wasn’t going to get pregnent in the day her baby died why rush over....she was pathetic..why throw yourself at a guy who just lost a baby.. it was bad

Steffy is a gal who used both of her babies to hold onto a man who loved someone else more. Steffy is a gal who tried to convince a married man to leave his wife because she couldn't have children. Steffy is a gal who didn't know if she was knocked up by her husband or her husband's father. Steffy is a gal who begged 2 different men to have sex with her, while the girlfriend they were dating was still a virgin. Steffy is a gal who begged multiple married men to dump their wife for her. Steffy is a gal who begged a married man to have sex with her, while his wife was fighting for her life on a hospital bed. Steffy is a gal who blackmailed a man into leaving his girlfriend for him, against her shares. Steffy is a gal who told her brother to date rape a virgin, so she could hold onto her unhappy husband. Steffy is a gal who dumped her very loyal husband, because he wouldn't commit a crime for her. Steffy is a gal who hid a cellphone and locked a woman in a telecabin, so her ex-fiancee could marry her on the rebound instead. It was bad. I think Hope wins.

But Hope is the bad one. :drunk

It seems like the 2 only arguments thrown around here are that she slept with a married Liam and went after him after Steffy lost her baby, and that's enough to label her as the most heartless and selfish woman on the show. I don't excuse these 2 cases, but in the first one, Liam was very much separared and broken up with his adultress wife, and having sex was HIS idea. Very different from Steffy, who schemed, lied and begged MULTIPLE married men for sex. In the second case, some are clearly leaving out the context of Steffy's marriage. She had interfered in Hope and Liam's relationship for years, and had used her pregnancy to keep him. That doesn't excuse Hope for making a play for Liam, but it still makes a big difference. If that's all they have to hold against Hope, I rhink I can write a book to criticize each other regular woman on the show.

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