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by Drangonfly, Sunday, February 10, 2019, 7:12PM (10 days ago) @ IW

...how the character of Hope Logan was written, what do you think he would say? Would he say she's written as a selfish, heartless character? Or as the good girl of the show? Because if this character is supposed to be heartless, then why all of the dialogue of how she's a good person? How she radiates goodness? Liam always telling her that her goodness is what attracts him to her?

And specifically, in the scene where Liam goes to see Hope after Steffy's baby died, do you think Bell and his writers were trying to tell the viewers that Hope is a terrible person that was taking advantage of the baby's death? Was that the narrative of the story line? Or was it a plot point for Hope to tell Liam that she wanted to restart their life together and needed to tell him that before he got Steffy pregnant again, as Taylor told Hope was going to happen?

I'm not asking what your personal opinion of Hope is. I'm wondering what you think the WRITERS are trying to put forth as the character of Hope.

Nobody is perfect, and we are free to like who we want. Some people prefer selfish, heartless characters and it's ok, it's a fictionnal soap. I don't judge. But I agree that Bell sees Hope as a good girl. He made Steffy a manipulative vixen and whether it was an accident or not, he made her a killer. He made Sally a con artist and a thief, even if he redeemed her. He made Quinn an attempted murderess and abductor. He made Taylor a killer and attempted killer. He made Zoe a stalker who steals a computer and sends death threats with it. He made Flo a complicit of Reese's crimes, who has no problem with keeping his secret. He made Pam a loony. The Logans can be seen as homewreckers but Bell wrote them as good girls, in general. Still, Brooke's list of mistakes and bad behavior is long, but Hope's isn't. Small level of cheating, waffling and interfering in relationships, and those are her biggest wrongdoings.

Couldn't agree more. And this is exactly what I'm talking about.

I would add that ALL of these types of characters are needed on the show and make it better. I love Hope but I wouldn't want every character to be like her. I detest Steffy but I love that she's on the show. They play off each other perfectly.

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