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by sisterluv, Monday, January 14, 2019, 7:49AM (162 days ago) @ Brenda3

They are back from hiatus tomorrow and they are leaping back into that powerful story. I fear this SL is not about to be concluded

It may not be concluded, which is unfortunate but if other people are starting to get Eric, Quinn, etc. maybe there's been some movement in the story. They've already had a memorial service so what else could Eric and Quinn and others do. That's usually considered "final" and people move on, so maybe some things have happened that bring everyone else in.

I just want this over soon and the Reese character dealt with.

If it was any other character it would move on but it happened to Hope.

Disagree. Now it's moved back to Steffy and her dream coming true of adopting a sister for Kelly. Such a sweet idea.:-P

That was all on Hope. Steffy thought Kelly and her half sister would be close like Steffy and her sister was. When she realized that Hope was not going to allow that she decided to adopt so Kelly could have that experience. Hope would have used her child as punishment and reward. Steffy knew if she wanted her child to have that kind of relationship she wasn't going to put Kelly through Hope's moods.

As I said, just so sweet of Steffy to buy a baby for Kelly. She's certainly being very thoughtful, at just the perfect time. Her dream coming true....maybe her next dream will follow...and the portrait can become a reality again.

Steffy buying a baby hasn't been shown and I don't think it will be. She said she wanted to adopt. Truthfully the child will be better with Steffy. A little karma for Hope wanting to keep them apart.

Karma, keeping a very wanted child from their mother, I disagree. There are no winners in this story, if it plays out the way people are guessing. Hope will be a great mom and the baby will be very happy and loved and Steffy will end up heartbroken. But maybe by that time, the picture will be reality and she can plan on another sibling for Kelly.

Team Hope...ALWAYS!!!

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