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by Darling1911, Monday, January 14, 2019, 7:21AM (162 days ago) @ Brenda3
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Taylor and Steffy NOT KNOW it's illegal?

1st off, I think legal adoptions take a while, there's assessments of fitness of the new parent/s, psychological assessments of the birth mother, legal matters, court procedures and a maximum amount of money that is considered normal for an adoption.

Steffy will not have to jump through any hoops. She or Taylor will just deliver the cash and done. How can they claim they believed it was legal?

If Steffy had been serious about adoption, sure she had already looked into the process of adopting and what it entailed?

Even if you take Lope's loss and the timing out to the equations, the circumstances of this adoption make it non other than human trafficking, literally buying a child. The amount of money is way to high to even be confused with legal adoption, the non formal settings make it even more shady.

Surely two intelligent people like Steffy and Taylor claim they are, would have done their research considering there's a little innocent baby involved?

A private adoption is a different type of adoption. There aren't all those hoops to jump through that you mention above. A private adoption isn't human trafficking and they are expensive. I had a friend that tried the adoption route for ages and without success babies weren't available and then sometimes parents changed their mind or agencies found out they had siblings or many other reasons. She worked with an adoption attorney, and it was an open adoption so the biological parents met the adopting parents and the adopting parents send pictures annually but it was very expensive. A lot less red tape.

What she said. A co workers daughter did a private adoption. It moves alot faster and open adoptions allow for contact. The parents live in Florida and she goes on vacation on regular basis to spend time with them and her grandson. It's not as unusal as you think.

Also, with the "mother" present, there is no reason for Taylor or Steffy to think this is an illegal setup. They don't know about Reese's gambling debt or anything suspect. Why would there first thought be "this can't be legit"?

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