Do you want a Hope and Wyatt reunion? (Spoilers)

by MegsMom, Monday, January 14, 2019, 6:56AM (162 days ago) @ ShortandSassy

Were they not schemed, tricked, lied to and secrets kept from them every time she said there was? Bill has already admitted he done his part, we seen Quinn push Ivy, we know she brought Steffy back on the day of their wedding to say she could get pregnant and make sure Hope would see them. So Hope is telling the truth. She isn't to blame because of someone else's actions. Like Bill owned them Steffy needs to own her part and so does Quinn. Wyatt married Hope knowing she was still in love with Liam so it's hard to feel sorry for him. He's just like Steffy if you know your getting someone who loves another person don't whine when they are sad because they are moving on or staring dreamy at them. They knew what they were getting into.

What is being omitted here is the fact that Hope told Wyatt that she loved him. So while it's difficult to feel sorry for Wyatt because he knew how Hope still felt about Liam, he foolishly thought Hope's love for him was strong enough for a marriage. More fool Wyatt.

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