Do you want a Hope and Wyatt reunion? (Spoilers)

by MegsMom, Monday, January 14, 2019, 6:50AM (162 days ago) @ JFK

They will mourn the loss of their baby this week, after a year of Hope being onscreen. So could this be the start of something happening between them? Wally are boring as hell and some hate to admit it, but Hope would make them interesting. Wyatt is cool by me but Sally and them do wonders for insomnia.

They need a reason to be onscreen and they don't have one, at least Watie were cute and fun, and they had true internal conflict, with Will. What does Wally bring? Thomas is gone.

No she treated him terribly. He can do so much better than Hope.

His treatment of Hope was much worse than hers of him. He lied to her, tricked her...his words...after all the manipulation Bill put her through...Wyatt & Quinn just continued it. Let him stay with Sally....she’s a good fit fior Wyatt...

Oh please how many times can one person be manipulated. I guess it is easier than taking responsibility for her on bad decisions.

Excuse me! It happened. It also happened to poor Steffy. Not just Hope. It’s all in the transcripts. It was hilarious watching Quinn manipulate Steffy. Plus, Steffy needed her pimp daddy Bill to land Liam. She needed Bill to help her in Cabo. And, it’s not always easy making good decisions when one doesn’t have all the information. Steffy could never, ever accomplish much on her own...she let other people do her dirty work.

How many times has hope used that excuse. It goes on forever. Every bad decision she ever made was someone else's fault. Like she had no free will or someone was holding a gun to her head. That is Hope and not manipulation. Maybe it happens once but Hope's cries of manipulation it on the redicilous side. How pathetic dies she seem using that excuse.

I don’t agree. There are many characters on this show that do not own their mistakes...Steffy for one. And, even if Steffy did “ own” any Pof her bad decisions, she always finds her own excuses. Even going so far as to beat up her motorcycle after she wrecked it and lost her if it was the motorcycle at fault and not her bad decision....

Hope would have had to wear a sign, please manipulate me. No one is manipulated that much. But. That was her excuse, we were manipulated. We were robbed, she made decisions that lead to those moments but it was so easy for her to put the blame on others and play the victim. Everyone of her great manipulations were from Hope decisions. She used the excuse to many times to be believed. Always blame someone else. Play the victim, pretend she had no roll in it and that she is innocent sweet thing that is taken advantage of.

Yes! Hope is FULL of blaming others for her own decisions and choices. She blamed Liam for her marrying Wyatt. She blamed the press for her pill popping. She blamed Steffy for plowing into her on the slope. She blamed Wyatt for her miscarriage of a baby she never really wanted. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault.

To my best recollection, Hope never blamed Liam for her decision to marry Wyatt. At least, I never recall Hope openly saying that. And I don't believe she ever blamed the press for having to take medication. That blame can be laid elsewhere. And she certainly never blamed Steffy for the run in on the ski hill. That would've been like blaming a tree for being run into. As for blaming Wyatt, Hope never blamed him for the miscarriage, but she did blame him for not being able to control Quinn. That was foolish and unfair. Wyatt could no more control Quinn than anyone else could. A lot of the characters blame others for what happens to them as a result of their own actions. Ridge, Taylor and Steffy could teach a master class on the art of passing the blame. Hope has had her moments, but compared to others? She's a novice.

Hope passively blamed Liam because he was late. When Liam explain why he was late Hope said look at it my way, you were suppose to met me.

Considering Liam's childish behaviour leading up to the Paris trip, Hope not waiting is totally understandable. Liam initially refused to accompany Hope to Paris, preferring instead, to remain in LA and sulk. All over that dumb diamond and the fact that Wyatt offered it to Hope. She refused it personally, but accepted it on behalf of the company, but that still wasn't good enough for Liam. Could Hope have waited just 5 minutes or so more? Sure, but at the time Hope left for Paris, Liam was still being obstinate about meeting her there. When he didn't show at the allotted time, and based on his attitude and behaviour, Hope took it to mean Liam didn't want to marry her. The rest, as they say, is history. :neutral

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