Spoilers from Watercooler, January 21 (Spoilers)

by MsBold @, Below the Mason-Dixon line, Monday, January 14, 2019, 6:43AM (162 days ago) @ MegsMom

Coming up on B&B during the week of January 21

Thorne thinks about his special connection to Darla.
Steffy considers adoption and makes a decision.
Wyatt has a warning for Liam.

Seriously? Liam just had a stillborn and all Wyatt has to offer his brother is a warning? You can shove your warning where I think, jerk :rofl

Considering Liam's personal track record, warnings/suggestions from Wyatt are what Liam needs to hear.

I agree with you. Wyatt doesn't give a lot of unnecessary advice, and it's generally spot on.

Still Hoping for the Future...

Team Putz...nah, just kidding!

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