"Abuse the Logans" soap opera (General Discussion)

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Abuses of the Logans:

1. Beth had her fiancee stollen over a lie regarding a baby that wasnt his.
2. Brooke was assaulted and almost raped when show 1rst came on.
3. Brooke was called a slxt from the Valley when she was a virgin and constantly plotted against by his mom.
4. Brooke's ex-mother in law set her up to be physically abused and raped by a man.
5. Ridge was engaged to Brooke and ran off to be with his brother's wife a little after she miscarried their child.
6. Eric slept with Brooke while she was already knocked out in bed asleep on prescription drugs and booze and claim to act like that was normal when at the time they had never even winked or stared each other like that. ( This was a type of rape rewritten as a romance later) Eric did this twice with Rick and Bridget when she was engaged to marry Ridge.
7. Ridge leaves Brooke to marry Taylor at Taylor's urging to leave Brooke alone and her telling Eric to not divorce from his separated wife.
8.All of the times Stephanie slapped, punch or tried to strangle her.
9. All the time Ridge took the other women's side against her.
10. Pam harassing Donna and pouring honey on her and sicing a bear on her.
11. Pam pouring gold goo on Donna while she walked down the runway
12. The times Pam tried to kill and intimidate her.
13. Hope or Future Ho in lights as Hope gave a presentation which was done by Pam and Steffy
14. Steffy going after Hope's boyfriends and trying to embarrass her little sister in front of her boyfriend by smashing cake all in her face and laughing about it.
15. Her yelling at her and telling her to get her own dad and their not sisters.
16. Her going after Liam after he proposed to Hope. Hope had recently graduated from High School and Oliver and Liam were very close to being like her high school sweethearts.
17. She plots to have her brother take her virginity from her so Liam will not want her.
18. Now shes going to take Lope's baby etc etc.

Ppl who ask what have the Logans gone thru just makes me wonder about their concious.

And these are only a few of the items theyve gone thru.

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