will brooke and hope be mad at steffy for adopting phoebe (General)

by ShirleyB#1, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 12:50PM (509 days ago) @ JFK

Given the circumstance, it is highly insensitive of Taylor and Steffy to do this. Comes as no surprise. Steffy will have no choice but to return a STOLEN baby.

It would be very hypocritical of Hope to say anything but we are talking about Hope. This was the plan before Hope lost the baby. It was actually made because of Hope's actions. Do you really think Hope would do any differently if it was her adopting, of course she would was want Liam too.

Of course Hope would do want she wants. She has no morality despite her constant chatter about it. She had no sensitivity to Steffy, Steffy's pregnancy or the circumstances of Kelly's birth or family. In fact Hope didn't even have any concern for Liam's feelings or distress.
Hope knew Liam was going back to Steffy a mere hour before she open her legs to him. She knew he still loved Steffy. She talked BIG about "blended family" but never went to see Kelly and the one opportunity she had to show support for the "blended family", for her step daughter, for her husband was completely ignored for her own selfish reasons.

why is hope being the only one to blame? liam is the one who kissed steffy on the cheek then went on to better things.

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