will brooke and hope be mad at steffy for adopting phoebe (General Discussion)

by Steffyfanatic, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 12:33PM (157 days ago) @ Shimster

This baby HAD a home and was taken from its mother without her knowledge. Reese stumbled upon a very vulnerable, gullible, blabbering Taylor. He got enough out of her to know she is a woman of means and will pay big to buy a sister for her poor, poor daughter. Reese has calculatingly emotionally destroyed Hope without a care. I cannot wait for Hope and Liam to be reunited with their child.

Yes Reese is wrong but Steffy knows none of this. Reese has sealed his own fate by giving Lope’s child to Steffy. The truth is bound to come out especially with Beth being in close proximity to Lope.


Bill to Steffy: You're a grand prize. You're a queen. The total package. Brains, beauty, warmth, heart. I've always known that about you. Don't you ever doubt how extraordinary you are.

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