A speculation about Reese (General Discussion)

by SonOfMan, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 12:15PM (157 days ago)

Maybe we are headed to a "who killed Reese" story
If Reese indeed stole Hope and Liam's baby and gives it to Steffy (pretending "Flo" is her mother) EVERYONE is going to despise him when the truth is revealed!!!!!! I think he is going to be killed off!!

Hope and Liam will hate him for robbing them of precious times with their girl.
As Hope's mother, Brooke will hate him just as much, mayve even more.
Steffy will hate him when she has to give the baby back to her parents!
As Steffy's mother, Taylor will feel the same way, especially if she realizes Reese has been lying to her! Same for Ridge, as Steffy's father and Hope's stepfather.
Bill won't feel different, he confronted Reese about what happened and Reese lied to to him... If he wanted to kill Amber for lying to Liam about her baby, I can't imagine how he will feel about Reese!!!

I read the actor Brady only signed a 3 months contract, so he should leave in February or March. Either he will end up in prison, but maybe somebody will kill him off, and he would totally deserve it!!! EVERYONE is going to suffer because of him! I can see Ridge, Bill or Taylor trying to get rid of him.

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