will brooke and hope be mad at steffy for adopting phoebe (General)

by LiveThroughThis, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 12:09PM (511 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

I don't agree. Steffy made it clear she wanted to adopt before Hope lost her baby. She wants Kelly to have a sister to grow up with and that has nothing to do with Hope. Steffy needs to live her life separate from Hope and if an opportunity presents itself and timing is an issue than she has every right to go for it. Besides, I think Hope is the insensitive one and was wrong for telling Steffy that Beth and Kelly weren't going to be close.

Disagree. All these months that Hope's pregnant, Steffy NEVER once thought about adopting at all. It came out so suddenly and only AFTER Hope said she didn't want Beth to be around Taylor..ONLY then, Steffy impulsively said she will adopt. Typical Steffy style..she never think things through..she just impulsively act on stupidity like her ONS or her motorcycle ride.

Her decision to adopt seems almost entirely fueled by her desire to give Kelly a sister. It feels very impulsive to me too. And I think it’s a pretty awful thing to do to Liam, who will be seeing this newborn baby every time he goes to visit Kelly. A lot of comments are saying she shouldn’t have to factor Hopes loss into her decision but what about how Liam is going to feel? I don’t think it’s a very good look for Steffy.

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