Help? Spoilers please!! (General Discussion)

by Pausini, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 11:43AM (154 days ago)

We are about 200 episodes behind the America in my country,... The show airs since 1994, and we are 3 millions loyal viewers every day. In my family (and my friends too) , we are all big fans of the Bold and the Beautiful. ... Alas they don't allow us to watch the CBS videos outside of the country.

We just saw the part when someone shot Bill in the back, and Liam hits his head and thinks he is the shooter. But I've also seen articles saying Taylor is the shooter. I'm a bit skeptical because we haven't seen Taylor in years, and nobody is talking about her. So for those who have watched the entire story, who is the shooter, definitely? Liam, Taylor, or is there another twist?

Furthermore, I'd like to know how Steffy/Liam/Hope will play out. I was actually hoping to see Liam with Sally, he would have been much better with her.... but he wasn't interested and the storyline has been dropped. Now she left for New York with Thomas, and I read she is with Wyatt now? I also heard Liam will have an ONS with Hope and she will turn out pregnant too, he will have 2 babies. Can I have more details about this triangle?

Is he with Hope or Steffy now, in America? And is the other girl with someone else?

Will Steffy end up with Bill or not? And is Liam still the father or her baby, or did it change? How will she name her baby?

From what I know, Katie is with Thorne and Wyatt is with Sally now, but currently Wyatt and Katie are together, they just got engaged. Why will they break up?

Is Taylor definitely coming back, or only for a few episodes?

I've seen Brooke and Ridge's wedding last month. Are they still married? What about Quinn and Eric?

What about these new characters, Alexander, Zoe, Emma and Reese? I still haven't seen them yet. Are they related to the Forrester? Who are they, exactly?

Thank you so much for your help, and happy New year, from Europe!!!

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