Adoption laws in California? (General Discussion)

by LiveThroughThis, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 10:56AM (155 days ago)

Sorry if this has been discussed already but I can’t see how this adoption is going to play out without it being obviously illegal - aren’t there laws that limit the cost of money you can pay to adopt a child, so as to avoid it seeming like you are buying a baby? Also, you aren’t supposed to just hand over money - only supposed to pay legal/medical fees (and maybe accommodation and living costs for the duration of the pregnancy, which isn’t relevant here as this baby is already born).
How is Taylor going to justify giving $200,000 to Reece - call it a finders fee and pay him under the table so Steffy doesn’t find out?! Seems to me that anyone aware of the amount of money changing hands has to know what they’re doing is illegal. It feels like it’s leading up to Taylor and Steffy buying a baby, which is super disturbing, regardless of whether it’s Beth or not.

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