Can someone clear up the baby birthmark? (General Discussion)

by sisterluv, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 9:36AM (155 days ago) @ guyco

I read on another site that the birthmark would prove that the adopted baby is Beth. I don't see how. If Lope saw the birthmark on the dead baby how would that factor in?

You're right...the baby that died had the birthmark. That's who the doctor put in Hope's arms. So if this baby that Dr. Reese has is Beth, she won't have a birthmark.

The speculation now is that Hope will meet the birth mother, the girl at the clinic, who Dr. Reese was horrible to and find that her baby that died had a birthmark, possibly making Hope question what the heck happened since they both gave birth on Catalina, with only Dr. Reese there.

A mess of a story.

Team Hope...ALWAYS!!!

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