What is Liam’s relationship to baby “Phoebe” (General)

by Lope2.0, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 6:23AM (511 days ago) @ JFK

She would not be Liam’s daughter. Steffy supposedly is adopting her on her own. He wouldn’t even be her stepfather, legally, but emotionally???Looks like Liam’s gets a second daughter because without a legal father that child would bond with her sister’s father since they are so close in age. OMG. What a mess. Just put Liam back with Steffy. I don’t care. Rather than Reese, Flo, Zoe, Xander, Thorne or Emma, we could bring in a new love for Hope. Given a choice between Beth and Liam, I would choose Beth for Hope. Liam is useless as a man although I think he’s a decent father.

But she IS Liam’s daughter.

Maybe maybe not.

Yep, we don't know yet.

Sure we do.

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