What is Liam’s relationship to baby “Phoebe” (General Discussion)

by Brenda3, Friday, January 11, 2019, 8:38PM (155 days ago) @ l.c

That's what I think. He will bond with "phoebe" every time he visits Kelly. He will see her, talk to her, hold her, probably babysit and feed her if Steffy is working.. And unless Steffy moves in with a new love interest, he will be the guy in Phoebe's life. Until the truth comes out that he is the father, of course. Let's see if Liam and Hope are still together, by the time they get "Beth" back.

I don't want Liam with Steffy but if they were married she would not lose baby phoebe. Hope and liam could share custody. LoL

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