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by sisterluv, Friday, January 11, 2019, 9:49AM (165 days ago) @ FataMorgana

Steffy Adopts a Baby

Steffy moves forward with her plans to give Kelly a sister, and plans to adopt a baby girl. Taylor is instrumental in putting the plan in motion after meeting Reece’s friend, Flo, who has adoption experience. She feels her friendship with reeece couldn’t have come at a better time. She can turn to him for advice and sympathy.

When Flo meets Steffy they hit it off. Flo thinks Steffy is beautiful, successful and a good mom. The total package.

This is going to be unwatchable and hurlworthy. This is a story that some people will despise, including myself It seems that when it comes to babies, even fictional, that people become uncomfortable. This story has to wrap up quickly.

I think this whole storyline is contrived and problematic. Not only do I take issue with the awful timing of this but I feel uncomfortable with Steffy's reasoning behind it- replacement sister for Kelly so she would have a sibling her age to grow up with. And then of course the Phoebe factor here wherein she tries to relive her sisterly bond through Kelly and her new sister. All of this seems unhealthy to me. Maybe Steffy should first seek therapy to deal with her unresolved feelings regarding Phoebe's death and only then consider expanding her family.

It's just a hot mess all around.

Let's be real. Steffy's reasons or how she deals with it is not important. This is just another storyline to prop Lope, since (as per usual) "we were robbed!" will make it's long awaited return!!

That is what makes me tired of this pairing. Too many other people are needed and are being thrown under the bus to keep them relevant. And what better way to keep the suspension close by to make Steffy adopt a baby? Who happens to be Beth? :surprised

Just let them keep that darned baby, and let other people out of it from now on!!

That's your opinion, doesn't make it accurate as others see it.

Team Hope...ALWAYS!!!

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