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by FancyGirl, Friday, January 11, 2019, 9:16AM (158 days ago) @ Drangonfly

Steffy Adopts a Baby

Steffy moves forward with her plans to give Kelly a sister, and plans to adopt a baby girl. Taylor is instrumental in putting the plan in motion after meeting Reece’s friend, Flo, who has adoption experience. She feels her friendship with reeece couldn’t have come at a better time. She can turn to him for advice and sympathy.

When Flo meets Steffy they hit it off. Flo thinks Steffy is beautiful, successful and a good mom. The total package.

This is going to be unwatchable and hurlworthy. This is a story that some people will despise, including myself It seems that when it comes to babies, even fictional, that people become uncomfortable. This story has to wrap up quickly.

It’s nasty, even for bold. Steffy will hold Hope’s baby before Hope. Introduce Liam to his daughter. All while Hope is devastated and thinks her baby is dead.

And no one will be allowed to question Steffy buying a baby days after Hope and Liam’s child “died”. Bell will have them all think it’s healing and wonderful. But it’s not a good look. It’s creepy.

But the reunion. :happy

I won't say I am a big fan of this storyline, but this is good drama, and it could have been worse. Beth's could have been killed off for good, like a lot of other babies before her. Hope could have banged her husband's father and he could be saying he hates her, like he told Steffy. This is usually what tears married couples apart. Or Lope could have had a drama free delivery and be in the backburner, like a lot of new parents after they have a child.

I prefer seeing this, even if this is a bit creepy. They are front and center, everyone is sorry for them, and they don't look bad. If Reese indeed stole the baby, then they are 100% the victims, they have done nothing wrong. And yes, reunion will be awesome. Hope is suffering now, Steffy will get a good dose too, when it comes out.


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