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Next week on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Week Of Jan. 14 – 18.
Families unite and new alliances are made. Reese’s dirty little secret gets even more dangerous, Taylor unwittingly gets deeper involved and Sally and Wyatt offer Liam and Hope a gift.

Monday, January 14 Episode #8006
- A woman from Reese’s past, Florence, introduces herself to Taylor.
- Liam spends time with Steffy and baby Kelly, vowing to always be present for them.

Tuesday, January 15 Episode #8007
- The history between Reese and Florence comes to light when he asks her for a considerable favor.
- Taylor presents Steffy with an opportunity that she’s always wanted.

Wednesday, January 16 Episode #8008
- Will impresses Bill with his talent for turning a profit before turning their conversation to the status of their family.
- Steffy becomes convinced that Taylor’s plan will change all of their lives for the better.

Thursday, January 17 Episode #8009
- When Wyatt and Sally visit Hope and Liam, Wyatt and Hope share a memory from their past.
- Impressed by Bill’s role in Will’s life, Katie convinces Thorne to allow Bill to stay for dinner.

Friday, January 18 Episode #8010
- Thorne begins to feel left out watching Bill, Katie and Will spend family time together.
- In attempt to bring them closer together, Sally gives Hope a very special gift.

Casting News
- Katrina Bowden debuts as “Florence” on Monday, January 14
- Hunter Tylo returns as “Dr. Taylor Hayes” January 14, 15 and 16.
- Finnegan George returns as “Will Spencer” on January 16, 17 and 18
- Zoe Pennington appears as “Baby Kelly” on January 14.


This is exactly why I don't like this SL. Everybody is bending over backwards to be there for Hope because we're supposed to feel sympathy for her. Well, I don't. And it's hard to watch imo. Even Sally, who Hope treated like dirt while she worked on HFTF, is now trying to be hope's BFF while she really didn't like her only a couple of weeks ago.

I think it's relatively realistic given the tragedy Hope just experienced. I'm not suggesting you are wrong for not feeling sympathetic, but just mentioned how others tend to handle this sort of situation.

If this was real life i'd feel totally diffrent about it.
But it's a soap and this SL was meant to drum up sympathy for a character that hasn't had the most triumphant return imo. And now we have characters we barely see show up in support of Hope, even characters that don't like Hope. It's just propping imo and it ain't working for me

I get what you mean. Steffy lost a child did you see any of this? Steffy was pregnant with a high risk pregnancy. She endured both Brooke and Hope's bullying. Hope has been a fragile child throughout her pregnancy and even after how she got pregnant to her pregnant step sisters husband it is as if it was a miracle to be celebrated. It is hard to feel sympathy to someone that never shows that kind of respect or sympathy to Sally, steffy or any other characters. She just takes what she wants from everyone and puts herself above everyone. I don't feel sorry for her, she is a soap character not someone that has made mistakes and realizes them. A little karma for Hope is good because everyone else is expec9to be strong but not Hope. She want endure much they will fix it and she will get her baby back and be her normal fake, better than everyone self.

What's happened to Hope isn't "karma". It's Inhumane and cruel. No woman deserves this and Hope's never done anything in her life to deserve this disgusting level of cruelty. I can only wonder what sentiments would be expressed if this was happening to Steffy and not Hope. :roll

When it happened to Steffy the sentiment expressed was 'Roadkill'

And at the time, I was disgusted that such a term was used in any context. The whole idea of any woman losing a child, whether it's a miscarriage, stillbirth or SIDS, and calling it "karma" is beyond repugnant to me.

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