Spoilers from Highlighthollywood (Spoilers)

by EmaU, Friday, January 11, 2019, 6:18AM (158 days ago) @ muppetfish

How has Hope treated Sally like dirt? I think you are mixing her with Steffy. She sided with Bill to break her and Thomas up. She sided with Bill to destroy her busiess and company She wanted to send her in prison. She physically assaulted her. What has Hope done to Sally, exactly? She told her she wouldn't design for her? If Sally could forgive Steffy for all her nasty lies and manipulations against her, I think Sally can forgive Hope for this little disagreement they had months ago. And why wouldn't Sally feel bad for Hope? Even if my worst ennemy lost her baby, I would feel awful for her. Good for her. I hope Sally and Hope can eventually become friends.

Steffy was against Sally and Thomas and with good reason. Sally used Steffy from the very beginning for publicity. Sally dumped her lunch on Steffy in front of press and crashed her wedding with the sole purpose of selling a photograph of the private wedding. Oh, and Sally tried to steal from Forrester.

So boohoo is Steffy wasn't really nice to Sally but Sally wasn't exactly being nice to Steffy now, was she. But they made amends when Sally asked Steffy to look at her designs and Steffy decided to give Sally a chance at designing for her line.

When did Hope and Sally make amends? didn't remember seeing that on screen. Hope was really nasty to Sally when she returned and without good reason. She had just met Sally and Sally did nothing to her and yet Hope treated her like dirt or like a glorigied intern.

Hope was MAD bc Sally was hired without her input ... She needs to feel important and the CENTER of all attention

Hope is pissed off she isn't CEO ... like Steffy is ...

She has an HUGE EGO / Inferiority problem ...

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