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by muppetfish @, Friday, January 11, 2019, 6:07AM (158 days ago) @ l.c

I get that. She told Sally she would not design for her, I remember. How mean from her. (sarcasm). But how does that compare to the way Steffy treated Sally? Thomas gone, buisness gone, building gone, dignity gone, millions of $ gone. All because of Bill and Steffy (it was more Bill, I get it, but Steffy was close behind him). Yet Sally is sucking up to Steffy now. If she could forgive Steffy so easily, she can forgive Hope even faster.


Hope told Sally she would not design for Forrester. Ever.

You can't compare the way steffy treated sally with how Hope treated Sally for the sole reason that Sally did nothing to Hope while she did wrong Steffy multiple times. Hope was a bish for no reason and Seffy was a bish with good reason.

Steffy made up with Sally even tough they had a rocky history. Hope didn't made up with Sally because... she's still mad Sally jumped to intimates is my guess because now Hope had to get her beverages herself instead of ordering Sally to get them for her.

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