Taylor Spoiler (General Discussion)

by BabyKelly, Friday, January 11, 2019, 1:54AM (159 days ago) @ mutzi

Thug needs to he locked up! :grrr
Even if Reese was wrong, to swap the babies. Thug was threatening to murder his daughter! He did what he did, to save his daughter's life! And for that, he needs money, in order to pay his debt!
Reese had other options, but he was desperate! This is Thug's fault, first!
Taylor and Reese are beautiful! Hope Bell won't break them up!

Interesting way to absolve a chronic gambler with illegal debts of responsibility. If he didn't owe money, his daughter wouldn't be threatened. And, has he learned anything? NO! He was gambling on his cell phone when Taylor arrived at his place. If he pays his debt, he will get in debt with his gambling again, once more putting his daughter or someone else at risk. If he stole Beth to sell her for his gambling debts and/or if Zoe is harmed, that is on him.

That doesn't abaolve the thug either. Murder is not allowed, and nothing is justifiying the threats he is making against Zoe. The thug could simply go to the police and fell them about the illegal debts. He doesn't have to tell Reese he will kill his daughter if he doesnt see the money. Nobody is absolving Reeses part, but the thug is as much responsible.

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