Taylor Spoiler (General)

by JFK, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 9:02PM (512 days ago) @ Brenda3

To confess to the attempted murder of Bill? If she has truly reformed, then she needs to own up to her crimes and face the possible punishment. Otherwise, it is simply lip service to talk her way out of responsibility and means nothing.

Seriously, she would be the firt, has Bill owned up to his misdeeds, has Hope, did Liam go to the cops when he thought he shot his dad, has Brooke ever owned up to hers. Quinn may have gotten away with murder but no one is asking her to own up to it. All the characters on B&B must be just lip service because they don't take responsibility. Yet for some reason Taylor should right? Don't see it, they should all line up at the station.


Liam to Steffy: "You are more essential to me than my own name. When has it even been over between us?"

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