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by Lynette, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 7:22PM (159 days ago) @ Bold_Team70

Thug needs to he locked up! :grrr
Even if Reese was wrong, to swap the babies. Thug was threatening to murder his daughter! He did what he did, to save his daughter's life! And for that, he needs money, in order to pay his debt!
Reese had other options, but he was desperate! This is Thug's fault, first!
Taylor and Reese are beautiful! Hope Bell won't break them up!

Wow! So it's all the thug's fault? No personal responsibility on Reese's part? If Reese had not owed the thug money, there would be no thug and Reese would not have needed money to pay back the thug for HIS OWN debts and therefore he would not have had to steal Hope's baby and sell it to pay.
Thug is not to blame. REESE is to blame and Taylor is also partly to blame because she has been whining in Reese's ear about Brooke and Hope breaking up both adultering mother and daughter's marriages giving him the impression that Hope deserves to lose her baby. Boasting about all the money she has and how she would pay 10 times the usual fee for a baby for her daughter to adopt.
No debt - No thug
No thug - no threat to Zoe
No threat to Zoe - no baby stealing

Thug is not to blame for Reese's crime. Reese is to blame for Reese's crime and the fallout from his actions which caused him to owe money in the first place.

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