so if the beth is alive she is not staying with reese (General Discussion)

by krort @, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 5:06PM (166 days ago) @ q

We have a big problem here.

There are two babies, supposingly one alive (if spoilers are true for Beth) and one dead baby. Enough time has passed since the bad weather for everyone to return home so enough time for the dead baby to be transported to funeral home or crematory or to the blonde lady if she is the mother to do what she wants.

No one surely believes that Reese managed to smuggle a live baby off the Island and get her to someplace in a few hours without someone's help. We know at this point it is not Taylor and Flo, a friend from the past, has not been introduced yet so if that happened it was all quickly off camera.

And that leaves the dead baby just left at the clinic and they would want to know and draw up papers of who gave birth. And no clinic of any creditability would accept that Dr. Buckingham took a live baby and believe that he is taking it to an adoption agency. There would be other doctors and workers at this point involved
at both ends to make this legal or even to black market.

Lots of holes to fill here to make this halfway plausible.


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