Taylor and Reese are vile evil people. (General Discussion)

by Steffno, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 2:48PM (7 days ago) @ KatieFan32

Agree. The woman walks around as if she didn’t just try to kill again. And then has the gall to give Hope advice? Anyone recommended by Taylor should be avoided. Afterall, HER THERAPY CLEARLY ISNT WORKING. She attacks Hope and Brooke cause Steffys marriage dies? Forgetting it was Liam and his disregard for Steffy in favor of Sally that sent her heals up for her father in law. Yet Taylor, as usual, ignores facts. She clearly lied to Reese, if he knew she was a killer, who just shot a guy, and who’s husband left her cause of her lies and hypocritical life...he may have avoided her. Or hired her to kill.

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