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by CammyBad, Friday, December 07, 2018, 11:08AM (167 days ago) @ q

And here I am 100% behind Steffy. And props to JMW who is doing some of her best work with this material. I can clearly see, and feel, her disillusion with her parents. She doesn't want them to blame Bill, as she shouldn't, but more importantly, I think she is tired of them treating her like she is still in grade school, or that she doesn't know her own mind. The whole thing is absolutely insulting to Steffy as an individual and a woman. Her parents need to bugger off and let her live her life without all this malice and drama.

If she didn't want to be treated like a child she shouldn't have told her daddy to pick her line because it would make her happy.

I am not a Steffy supporter, but in this instance I am squarely in her corner. B&B is notorious for treating it's female characters like chess pieces and doormats. It absolutely sets my teeth on edge when I see someone's right to their own personal agency being taken from them, and I don't care if I like the character or not. It just isn't right.

Oh, and I thought Steffy going to Ridge about the Intimates Line after recusing herself was a punk ass move.

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