Foreshadowing? (General Discussion)

by PatriotGirl @, Friday, December 07, 2018, 10:37AM (167 days ago) @ Diedriu

Then that would be the first time. Taylor has killed an unborn child before, this would be her second notch, she is such an unapologetic, multiple killer.

What unborn child and how?

Morgan's child by Ridge. Morgan forged an email in which Taylor granted Ridge the permission to sleep with Morgan and make her pregnant again, after she had been forced by Stephanie to drink abortive tea when she was a minor and had gotten pregnant by Ridge. Once Morgan was pregnant, I think she moved in with Ridge and Taylor, anyways, she and Taylor got in a fight and Taylor gave her a shove, which pushed her off the stairs making her lose Ridge's child a second time. That's also the main reason Morgan went totally over the edge and abducted little Steffy lateron.

But she didn't shove her off the stairs on purpose. Weren't they having an argument?

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