Highlight Hollywood SPOILERS for December 10 - 14 (General Discussion)

by FancyGirl, Friday, December 07, 2018, 10:24AM (167 days ago) @ RoseDeWBu

Monday, December 10:

--Zoe tells Xander her concerns over Reese’s infatuation with Taylor
--Steam argue about whether or not Taylor is fit to be alone with baby Kelly

Tuesday, December 11:

--Taylor vents to Reese about Brooke, who shows his support by kissing her
--Steffy becomes anxious that everyone in her life is against her mother

Wednesday, December 12:

--Hope and Brooke clash over whether or not they should tell Donna and Katie about Taylor
--Xander and Zoe’s intimate moment is interrupted first by Tiffany - and then by Reese

Thursday, December 13:

--Brooke is shocked to find Taylor alone with Kelly - AND to learn about her new living arrangements
--Steffy reminisces about Phoebe with Taylor - and shares how her sister plays into her current relationship with Hope

Friday, December 14:

--Wyatt and Sally do yoga together - and exchange I love you's:love
--things go downhill QUICKLY when Liam tries to referee an argument between Steffy and Hope

Sally and Wyatt do yoga? I thought it was Liam's thing. Why are these 2 worthless idiots copying him?

Why are Hope and Steffy arguing now?


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