Brooke should slap Taylor through the room (General Discussion)

by Brenda3, Thursday, December 06, 2018, 10:21PM (167 days ago) @ wow

brooke is the one that always tried to ruin ridge and taylor marriage because she was so horny that she didn't care about the innocent kids she be hurting by breaking up their family

In your dream :rofl Ridge was leaving Taylor because she is a adulterer. She had sex with virgin James :rofl

You should watch the week of august 21 thru 24 2001. Beooke had an affair with Thorne while he was married to Macy which ended with macys death then she married Thorne and when that ended she decided she wanted to break up Ridges marriage. The twins were very young and there was brooke trying to get close with them because she planned to break up their family and be with Ridge. Brooke stephanie nailed it when she called her the ho from the valley. Brooke was constantly after Ridge marriage didn't stop her nor did a young family with children. Hope reminds me of her.

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