Taylor is STILL delusional and other obs December 6: (General Discussion)

by RoseDeWBu, Thursday, December 06, 2018, 2:20PM (169 days ago)

She said that she and Ridge had a wonderful family - and that it was the best time of her life - but Brooke took that all away. It's not true - but neither Steffy nor Ridge corrected her. It's called defending your wife, Ridge! Hell, Ridge barely defended Brooke to Taylor at all. The only thing even REMOTELY close to defending Brooke was when he pointed out that "family comes first with Brooke". Way to defend your SANE PRESENT WIFE to your PSYCHOTIC EX-WIFE Ridge!

Steffy: did you tell your dad about Taylor because you thought he had a right to know - or because Brooke and Hope know? Did you need him on YOUR side AGAINST Brooke before Brooke could get to him? BTW: did you say that Brooke had better not go the police? What are you going to do if she does? Fire her? Technically, she doesn't really work at Forrester. Maybe you could take a page out of THOMAS' playbook and blow up her car or set fire to her house.

Ridge: how are you going to make sure that Brooke never breathes a word to the police? Sit on her until she promises not to? There will come a time when you'll have to get off her regardless, and she's going to do what she wants to do. You can't make promises like that - and Steffy shouldn't have put you in that position.

Taylor: you PROMISE you'll never shoot another person in the back ever again and leave them to choke to death on their own blood? Geez, do you PINKY SWEAR, Taylor? Cross your heart and hope to die? If you don't want to go to jail and be separated from your "beautiful girls", I suggest you don't do things that will put you there.

you're going to miss Skye, too, huh? She would have been a great phallic symbol for the entire Los Angeles community to behold.

Brooke: you promised you wouldn't go to the authorities for Ridge's and Steffy's sakes? Too bad you didn't realize that they would BOTH betray you today. Jesus only had ONE Judas to kiss him. BTW: you and Liam are RIGHT to be concerned about Taylor. Taylor and Steffy (and anyone else who agrees that Taylor would never hurt Kelly) are re-defining the word NAIVE.

there's such a thing as going TOO far the other way, you know. The old Dollar Bill wasn't ALL bad - he had some redeeming qualities, too. And I'm not sure, but Brooke seemed to think that you're the one with the REAL hold over Taylor. Was she asking you to go to her and tell her to stay away from Kelly - or you'll go to the police?

Pam: lame idea, poorly executed. It was an embarrassment to the memory of Stephanie Forrester. She would have kept Quinn out of Eric's office.

all that exclaiming over modeling an "Eric Forrester original". Could you be more obvious in an off-the-shoulder number that showed off your cleavage?

you scared me there for a minute - I thought you were falling for Pam's horrendous attempt to keep you out of Eric's office. I wish I could have heard what you said to Eric about Pam and Donna - but I had to watch Bush's coffin be loaded onto the 4141 train.

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