Say something nice about the character you hate.....game (General Discussion)

by Diedriu, Belgium, Thursday, December 06, 2018, 5:07AM (172 days ago) @ Barbybo

Well I can’t stand liam but he loves kelly ..:ange. Aw come on it won’t kill ya:lol give it a shot..

Stephanie : The character was played by a powerhouse of an actress. The character was smart and had a very, very strong will.

Steffy : She's at ease in her own body. She's trying to be better than her mom and Brooke were. I commend her for not trying to interfere in Lope this time around.

Taylor : This is a hard one... She loves her kids and Ridge unconditionally.

Ridge : The actor that used to play him, Ronn Moss, could make him seem loving even when he did hateful things. The actor that plays him now, Thorsten Kaye, seems like a really funny guy and he has a great voice. The character itself will go above and beyond for Steffy. And when he loves, he does it very passionatly.

Ok, do I get 4 cookies now? :na

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