Bold should embrace more social issues (General Discussion)

by mutzi, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 7:42PM (167 days ago) @ Barbybo

If someone has no social security card how do they pay taxes? Impossible get card you have to be legal....under the law you can’t hire illegals as far as I thought....what’s wrong with waiting your turn...laws are laws this is a country of laws

It is not that hard to get a social security card; I know several people who have one and came here illegally. I will be darned if I will name names. Have you read the news? All types of companies use illegals constantly (especially in the food processing industries). They just look the other way if it saves them money and they never get in trouble, just the employees do.

As for waiting your turn, I could offer some excellent examples of current people who got in fraudulently and no one will do a thing about her.

This used to be a country of laws; now it is a country of wealth and power make right. The cruelty I see in this country now makes me ashamed.

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