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by JFK, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 7:27PM (135 days ago) @ krort

In the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, Nov. 12 in the In and Outs piece they ask Will Maya and Rick Be Back.

Karla Mosley gave birth to her baby August 17 and has been on maternity leave but is ready to come back.

When asked Jacob Young, who has a YouTube Talk Show, Daytime after Dark, admitted he has not been contacted even though he had a sister and brother who had family weddings on the program in the last few months and nothing coming up on the horizon.

If Rick is not there for the infamous Forrester Thanksgiving show I do not think that bodes well for Jacob or Rick.


JY stated that he wanted to pursue music. But now he wants back? Hm . . .

Liam to Steffy: "You are more essential to me than my own name. When has it even been over between us?"

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