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by angry gal ⌂, Melbourne AUS, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 7:08PM (133 days ago) @ ShirleyB#1

There’s a pic of Bill in his office with the judge, Thorne, Katie, Ridge and Brooke. He’s going to let them know that he knows what Ridge did.:lol

Bill has done far worse than Ridge, Katie and Brooke alltogether, he doesn't get to judge them for this when he is the king of briberies and manipulations. I hate this storyLine. Next please.

What Ridge did to Thomas has got to be one of the worse things a parent could do to his son.

Not excusing this at all. But what Bill did to Liam is far worse. What father would push his son's baby off a cliff? He slept with and proposed to his wife. Hit him harder than anything, and disowned him compltetely. In my book This is far worse than what Ridge did to Thomas (who by the way wasn't innocent and also betrayed his father immensely.)

no one pushed their sons baby off a cliff... and who's to say steffy didn't instigate that little sex session with bill? it didn't show who made the first move. and disowned who completely? he's trying to make up with liam.

Talk about disowning completely it seems as though Steffy doesn't even remember who Bill is lately by her dialogue and indifference when Bill is mentioned it's as if she has never met him.

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